Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of Tratamientos Térmicos Badía, S.A.





The Management of TRATAMIENTOS TÉRMICOS BADÍA, S.A. (hereinafter, Tratamientos Térmicos Badía) is committed to state the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, identifying and demonstrating the advances in social and civil matters, favoring a culture of responsibility that contributes to the creation of value.




The purpose of the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is to establish, within the legally established limits, the fundamental principles and values that must define the management and administration bases of Badía Thermal Treatments, in order to generate a business model that contributes to the creation of value in the long term, that meets the needs and expectations of the interested parties, and that generates socially responsible externalities.


This Policy and the commitment of Tratamientos Térmicos Badía with society is summarized in nine areas of action:

  • Ethics and integrity
  • Transparency
  • Responsible communication
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Quality
  • Relationship with employees
  • Relationship with customers
  • Relationship with suppliers
  • Social action






  • Commit to the development of their actions in an ethical manner and aligned with current legislation.
  • Adopt and implement, in a complementary and voluntary way, commitments, rules and guidelines, basing their relations with the public competent authorities in loyalty, trust, professionalism, collaboration, reciprocity and good faith.
  • Encourage free market practices, rejecting any type of illegal or fraudulent practice in this matter and prohibiting bribery or corruption.




Spread relevant and truthful information about the performance of Tratamientos Térmicos Badía activities, always respecting the interests and integrity of the clients and the rest of the company’s social partners.

This general objective of transparency is articulated through the following action guidelines:

  • Project the reality of the business.
  • Contribute to the configuration of a positive corporate image.
  • Maintain a fluid relationship with the different interlocutors of the Group through the communication channels.




Promote a responsible, fluid and bidirectional communication with the main stakeholders. Tratamientos Térmicos Badía keeps at their disposal various channels of communication, participation and dialogue that are reviewed and updated continuously, favoring relationships with their stakeholders.

Among the external channels are:

  • Corporate website
  • Annual report.
  • Social and professional networks (Facebook, LinkedIn).
  • Satisfaction surveys.
  • Telephones and emails.


The main internal channels used by Tratamientos Térmicos Badía are:

  • Quality committee meetings and informative meetings.
  • Annual surveys of staff satisfaction.
  • Training.
  • Informative signs and bulletin board.
  • Involvement in continuous improvement.






Consider that the respect for the environment is a very important element in your business model. For this reason, Tratamientos Térmicos Badía combines its business objectives with the protection of the environment. Within these principles, are established:

  • Commitment to compliance with legislation.
  • Commitment to the prevention of environmental pollution.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Better management of energy resources.
  • Promote innovation in solutions and services for environmental management.
  • Sensitize employees.




Use Quality as a differential factor against the competition in the heat treatment industry thanks to a rigorous control in each stage of the process.
Tratamientos Térmicos Badía adapts its needs to the specific characteristics of its products, encouraging:

  • The annual definition of objectives in terms of quality and evaluation of its fulfillment.
  • The development of initiatives and actions aimed at improving the quality of the services provided
  • The realization of specific activities of collaboration with suppliers and subcontractors to improve the quality.




Consider employees as a strategic asset.

Therefore, the following principles are followed:

  • Respect for human and labor rights recognized in national legislation.
  • No discrimination based on race, nationality, social origin, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, ideology, political or union opinions, religion or any other personal, physical or social condition.
  • Equal opportunities in attracting and retaining talent, facilitating family conciliation.
  • Support the training and professional development of all employees of Tratamientos Térmicos Badía.
  • Security and health at work: guarantee, in all areas of influence, a safe work environment focused on the health and well-being of workers.




Know the needs and expectations of customers to offer them the best solutions, defending the proper functioning of the market in free competition and continuously striving to care for and increase their satisfaction.

Tratamientos Térmicos Badía assumes the following principles of action:

  • Guarantee the confidentiality of its clients’ data.
  • Monitor the quality of the service provided to its customers, through surveys that measure their satisfaction and through Quality indicators.
  • Respect and comply with the rules that regulate communication activities, providing transparency and truthfulness to said actions.




Promote collaboration with suppliers and transparency in contractual relationships.

All the departments that participate in the selection processes of contractors, suppliers, and external collaborators have the obligation to act with impartiality and objectivity, applying quality and cost criteria and avoiding the collision of their personal interests with those of the company.




Committing to the improvement of society is part of the objectives of Tratamientos Térmicos Badía. To contribute to this objective, the business strategy includes:

  • Work with social and labor insertion companies with special attention to the group of people with disabilities.
  • Involve its staff to contribute to the improvement of society, as well as in the promotion of the business and its sustainability.




Management will periodically assess the effectiveness of this Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and will adopt the appropriate measures to resolve any deficiencies, carrying out the modifications it deems appropriate.




Any person who is aware of a significant infraction of the legislation, or of the rules of this Policy, can report the situation by sending a message to On the other hand, employees have the possibility to communicate said conflicting behavior to their direct responsible


Tratamientos Térmicos Badía will guarantee full protection to people who, in good faith, report a breach of this Policy. The electronic messages or reports will be treated confidentially and with the necessary discretion will be communicated to the Management responsible for taking the necessary actions, as long as there is reasonable evidence that an infraction has been committed.


Made by:
Frank Badía Ribas

Director general

Elaboration date: 04.07.2018