Quality policy

Since 1997, one of the leading companies of the sector nationally.



The end quality of the products we treat thermally is the result of the planned actions of prevention, detection, correction and continuous improvement applied systematically throughout the productive process.


The contractual requirements and the expectations of our clients are the basic criteria for defining the quality of our products.


This quality consists of meeting the needs of the client at all times, with a competitive service that involves the participation of all the staff that make up the company.


The quality of our company is the best instrument to stand out from the other competitors and to ensure our continuity in time.


The professionalism and seriousness in the way we deal with our clients is our company’s chief asset.


The mission of the company is to perform thermal, thermochemical and surface treatments of steel and light alloys in controlled atmospheres, air and / or vacuum parts of any industrial sector.


The vision of the company is to ensure that Tratamientos Térmicos Badía is a national reference in the field of thermal treatments of steel and light alloys.


The quality policy, defined by the Director General, is based on the following objectives:


  • Making quality an essential element within the company.
  • Meeting the needs of our clients.
  • Ensuring that all the members of the company identify with and are committed to the company’s quality policy, contributing with their personal skills in attaining the objectives and continuously improving the efficiency of the quality management system.
  • Planning and anticipating to ensure that quality is not a coincidence.
  • Constantly optimising all the processes to eliminate the non-quality costs.
  • Backing innovation and new technologies.
  • Complying with the legal standards and regulations applicable to our activities.
  • Providing the training and resources necessary for everyone from the company so that they can achieve our quality goal.


To reach the general quality objectives, the director general establishes, on an annual basis, a series of quality objectives that are measurable and coherent with this policy, and will periodically monitor them to verify their compliance.


The director general informs all the levels of the company of these specific objectives, and evaluates their attainment through the periodical review of the quality system.


  • To do this, they analyse:- The results in relation to the quality of the previous year.
  • The deviations detected regarding the previous objectives.
  • Analysis of the context, interested parties and risks of the processes.
  • The needs of resources to make the realisation of these objectives feasible.




Initial release date: 04.07.2018